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Handyman Services Hilliard OH proudly offers home improvement tips provided by Keith Paul, President of HandyPro Handyman Service:

Dear Keith - When stepping on my deck, some of the boards appear to be moving. Should I be concerned? -Tina A. Chelsea

Hi Tina, You ask a very good question and one that anyone with a deck over 10 years old should be asking themselves. Research from Simpson Strong Tie tells us that in the last 15 years there have been over 900 injuries and 20 deaths related to deck malfunction. Deck problems can range from age, improper installation or lack of maintenance. Either way, it is important to take some time to ensure the stability of your deck.

In a recent interview I had with the president of the National Home Safety Council, Meri K. Appy, regarding a summer safety alert on deck safety, she states that there are an estimated 20 million decks across the United States and the public needs to be aware of the potential hazards. The Home Safety Council is a nonprofit Washington based organization dedicated to preventing home related injuries.

During the interview Ms. Appy provided a few safety awareness tips for anyone living with a deck. She explained that even though most decks appear to be safe and sturdy, a closer inspection could be surprising. She provided a list of five warning signs you should be aware of concerning decks:

1. Missing Connections. Improperly built or maintained decks could have missing connection pieces and still appear stable.

2. Loose Connections. Over time, fasteners such as screws bolts and nails can work their way loose from the hangers or brackets which support the deck. Also insure the brackets themselves are secure.

3. Corrosion. Mother Nature can be tough on most metals. Ensure all connections and fasteners are not in the state of deterioration

4. Rot. Elements such as rain and snow can also play havoc on the wood used for the deck. Look for areas that are discolored or spongy and replace as necessary.

5. Cracks. The boards used to construct your deck will fatigue overtime because old man winter freezes the water in the cracks which causes expansion which then widens the crack and the problem worsens leaving the boards to be unsafe.
Meri K said the part of a deck every homeowner should inspect first is the ledger board. This board is the connection between the home and deck itself. If the ledger board becomes detached from the house the deck can become unstable very fast!

With summer in our back yard many of us will be having friends and family over for entertaining. Decks should be inspected yearly because most of the accidents are preventable. If you suspect any concerns with the integrity of your deck, repair immediately or call a professional. Remember, have fun and enjoy the great outdoors.

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